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Diabetic Cooking Magazine

Diabetic Cooking

Diabetic Cooking Magazine Review

by: Dan Joseph - Editor

Did you know Diabetic Cooking is the only magazine of its kind currently on the market?

It’s the only magazine that focuses solely on the dietary needs of diabetics for controlling diabetes.

Food and diabetic management doesn’t need to be a chore. That’s why one of Diabetic Cooking’s goals is to help people manage their diabetes while enjoying foods they love. It’s packed with lots of helpful cooking tips, baking secrets, shopping hints, cooking lessons, menu suggestions and easy-to-follow instructions for delicious recipes. What’s more, all recipes are approved by registered dieticians and comply with the American Diabetes Association (ADA) guidelines. This alone makes the magazine an invaluable resource.

Columns that appear in each issue include: Letters, Health Wise, Insulin Issues, Kitchen Nutrition and Recipe Makeover.

The Letters column is where questions submitted to the magazine by readers are thoughtfully answered by a registered dietician.

The Health Wise column is also written by a registered dietician and contains helpful tips on eating well and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Insulin Issues contains recent findings from research or studies regarding insulin and its usage as well as other helpful information for those who have insulin-dependent diabetes.

The Kitchen Nutrition column takes an in-depth look at ingredients featured in the magazine for that month. It may also take a look at specific foods and detail their nutritional value.

Recipe Makeover takes a popular favorite recipe and shows you how it can be made to suit your nutritional requirements for diabetes.

Each magazine features approximately 50 recipes organized into 4 or 5 categories. For instance, a previous issue organized the recipes into the follwing categories: ideas for everyday dinners, turning a meal into a party, fast dinners, and good-tasting calorie-conscious desserts.

The magazine publishes 6 issues annually. As a well thought-out and invaluable resource, the annual subscription fee is an amazing deal.

With its easy-to-prepare recipes, and its informative articles, Diabetic Cooking shows it’s possible to lead a happy and fulfilling life while managing diabetes. Why there currently aren’t other magazines of its kind is a wonder.

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Reviews | Review this magazine

My sister was recently diagnosed with diabetes and I grabbed a subscription of this magazine to help me learn a little bit more about diabetic cooking. The style of this magazine is very down to earth and easy to read. The best part about this magazine is the list of diabetic friendly recipes and meal ideas. I now have ideas of what to cook my family when they come to visit. I don't want my sister to feel left out when everyone else is eating my gourmet meal and now she doesn't have to.
Benjamin S – Whitsett, NC

For those of us with restrictive diets, it's often hard to find recipes that allow us to enjoy the full scope of cooking and eating! But this magazine has you covered if you're diabetic. One of the things I love most is the way in which they approach diabetic recipes - you don't feel as though you're missing out, and the tastes of the food your prepare are every bit as good as regular, non-diabetic foods. I really like the quick prep section, and the letters section. It's nice to hear from others who have the same concerns I do. My favorite section this issue was the Oven Free Meals - it was nice to not have to heat up my kitchen to prepare a healthy meal for my family.
Holli – Cincinnati, OH

Preparing a diabetic friendly meal that is just as delicious as a carb filled meal is simple with this magazine. While learning to cook a new meal, you can also get valuable information on diabetes. This is a one stop read for all your diabetic information, recipes, and support. You will no longer have to worry about making a meal with too many carbs since all of the meals in the magazine provide you with nutritional information to ensure you're getting the proper amount.
Samantha A – Whitsett, NC